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Mike Gilliam

Recruiting Specialist

Former World-Class Athlete, Hall of Fame Inductee, National Champion, & Division I Coach

Delivering an Exciting, Educational, and Inspiring Message

Mike Gilliam (pronounced Gil-um), recruiting and life skills expert, current
Roswell, GA resident, and business owner is Motivating the Youth of America
and teaching their families Valuable Life Lessons at the same time.
For over twenty five years, Mike’s expertise has positively impacted the lives of
thousands of youths nationwide.

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• Mike delivers a dynamic message to kids and young adults about the things they need to be doing to prepare for college academically, athletically, and personally.

• He educates the parents and kids about how the college recruiting process works so that families can navigate the process and choose the BEST college for their needs rather than just settling.

• He educates about the FIVE STEPS in the recruiting process and how to handle each one.

• He’s an expert! He motivates the student-athletes and parents alike. THIS is his forte!

• Parents, coaches, and teachers will notice a difference in the leadership and initiative their student-athletes take after hearing Mike's message. We receive feedback constantly about how student-athletes have changed their overall attitude toward family members, academics, training for athletics, and other areas in their lives after Mr. Gilliam’s message.